Hot Coconut Chocolate with Rum

Ingredients 5 dl milk 5 dl coconut milk 1 dl cream 400 g Oialla 46% milk chocolate 100 g coconut flakes 1/2 dl Malibu rum (optional) Extra coconut flakes for topping Hot coconut chocolate with rum This versatile drink is a wonderful alternative to a dessert after dinner! It is easy and quick [...]

Spicy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

INGREDIENTS 170 grams of dark chocolate (70%) / 150 g (78%) 10 small marshmallows 600 ml milk 100 ml cream (35%) Pinch of grated nutmeg Pinch of dry chili 1 vanilla pod 1 piece of cinnamon 2 x star anise 30 grams of granulated sugar Whipped cream (for topping) SPICY HOT CHOCOLATE WITH [...]

Cold Mango-Chili Drink

INGREDIENTS 270 grams of grated milk chocolate (46%) 800 grams of milk 200 ml of cream (35%) 1 gram of dry chili seeds 220 grams of mango purée ( 3-4 mangoes) COLD MANGO-CHILI DRINK Chop 200 grams of milk chocolate. Heat the milk, cream and chili to approximately 90° C and pour [...]