Oialla chocolate is an organic Danish award-winning chocolate, made from wild cocoa beans. The cocoa trees grow in Mid and South America in the Amazon region. Oialla is the purest imaginable kind of chocolate and we control the entire process from beans to bars. Our chocolate is recognized by professional chefs at some of the best restaurants in the world.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs support the project and Oialla work closely together with the Bolivian cocoa company, Sumar. The production is controlled all the way from cocoa beans to chocolate bars. The partnership secures fair wages, higher living standards and education of the indigenous population in rural Middle America and the Amazon region.

The production of Oialla contributes to improvement of education of the indigenous population in the jungle, where the cocoa beans used for Oialla grow.


Master Chocolatier Rasmus Bo Bojesen and Pernille Lüzthøft founded the company in 2010.

Rasmus Bo Bojesen dreamt of creating his own organic chocolate. At that time, he was a trained Chocolatier and had worked professionally with chocolate for many years. However, they struggled to find organic cocoa of sufficiently high quality. The search went on for years.

One night, while attending a dinner party, a Danish producer of organic cereals informed Rasmus Bo Bojesen about wild cocoa trees growing in the Beni-province of Bolivia. By chance, the Danish Foreign Ministry hosted a conference in Bolivia and Bojesen received an invitation to attend.

Since the middle of 2020, Rasmus Bo Bojesen has investigated the opportunities for collecting wild cocoa beans from the Columbian Rainforest regions as well. We expect the search to add new flavoured, exquisite tastes to the Oialla brand.
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Our products are all pure, organic and made without any additives. Visit our webshop for more information and purchase.

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If you are interested in placing a business order, please email: oialla@oialla.com.


Oialla products are available in different varieties – several dark, a milk chocolate and cocoa nibs. Our dark chocolates consist of wild cocoa and organic cane sugar.


Oialla milk chocolate contains 46% cocoa, organic whole milk and Brazilian cane sugar. Compared to other, classic milk chocolates Oialla 46% contains a high percentage of cocoa, which gives it a more intense chocolate taste.

Thus, it is not too sweet, and that is what makes it completely different from many other milk chocolates. Try the Oialla 46% if you are ready to challenge your concept of milk chocolate.

Have a look at the entire range of 46% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop.


Oialla 72% is the first chocolate we made. It took us years of hard work to find the right balance of taste and consistency without compromising our goal of making a pure chocolate with only two ingredients – cocoa beans and sugar.

The Oialla 72% is a classic dark chocolate with a soft, exquisite and intense taste and remarkably low acidity.

Have a look at the entire range of 72% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop. 


Oialla 78% is a darker version of the original Oialla 72% chocolate. The difference lies in the 6% lower sugar content and a slightly different roasting process, giving it a deeper, darker cocoa flavour. The chocolate has a low acidity and enticing notes of fruits such as peach, apricot, blackberries, prunes and red stone fruits.

Use Oialla 78% when you want a deep, intense and dominant chocolate flavour.

Have a look at the entire range of 78% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop. 


With Oialla 100% we have made an intense and pure chocolate. We have broken it with just a touch of sugar to get a flavour that is intensely bitter with a rich cocoa aroma.

Oialla 100% is a chocolate that very much challenges the taste buds. It suits both desserts and savoury dishes as a spice or fragrant garnish – or a wonderfully rich cup of hot chocolate.

Have a look at the entire range of 100% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop.