Oialla follows the cocoa from harvest to the finished chocolate. We control every step of the supply chain and work closely together with our partners in Bolivia. Bean-to-bar production gives Oialla the means to create a pristine chocolate with a pure and unpresidented flavour.

When Oialla started in 2010 few paid attention to bean-to-bar or single origin chocolate. Today ambitious chocolatiers and companies have realised the potential of knowing where the cocoa comes from. Using wild cocoa gives us the oppurtunity to create an exclusive chocolate while caring for the environment and the indigenous people of Baures, Bolivia.



The freshly picked cocoa beans are immediatly fermented in baskets for three days, then dried on suspended nylon tarp. When the cocoa is perfectly dry, it is shipped to Scandinavia, where it is roasted, crushed, conched and tempered.

We have put together a beautiful booklet that tells the story of how Oialla is made – from bean to bar.

Read and download “Get a little wiser on chocolate”