Oialla products are available in different varieties – several dark, a milk chocolate and cocoa nibs. Our dark chocolates consist of wild cocoa and organic cane sugar, while the milk chocolate also contains a touch of organic whole milk – nothing else. Our white chocolate is made of organic cocoa butter, milk and sugar.


Oialla milk chocolate contains 46% cocoa, organic whole milk and Brazilian cane sugar. Compared to other, classic milk chocolates Oialla 46% contains a high percentage of cocoa, which gives it a more intense chocolate taste.

Thus, it is not too sweet, and that is what makes it completely different from many other milk chocolates. Try the Oialla 46% if you are ready to challenge your concept of milk chocolate.

Have a look at the entire range of 46% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop.


Oialla 72% is the first chocolate we made. It took us years of hard work to find the right balance of taste and consistency without compromising our goal of making a pure chocolate with only two ingredients – cocoa beans and sugar.

The Oialla 72% is a classic dark chocolate with a soft, exquisite and intense taste and remarkably low acidity.

Have a look at the entire range of 72% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop. 


Oialla 78% is a darker version of the original Oialla 72% chocolate. The difference lies in the 6% lower sugar content and a slightly different roasting process, giving it a deeper, darker cocoa flavour. The chocolate has a low acidity and enticing notes of fruits such as peach, apricot, blackberries, prunes and red stone fruits.

Use Oialla 78% when you want a deep, intense and dominant chocolate flavour.

Have a look at the entire range of 78% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop. 


With Oialla 100% we have made an intense and pure chocolate. We have broken it with just a touch of sugar to get a flavour that is intensely bitter with a rich cocoa aroma.

Oialla 100% is a chocolate that very much challenges the taste buds. It suits both desserts and savoury dishes as a spice or fragrant garnish – or a wonderfully rich cup of hot chocolate.

Have a look at the entire range of 100% products, along with the rest of our Oialla products in the webshop. 


Oialla is available in stores in Denmark as well as abroad.


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