How to temper chocolate

Tempering is the process of heating chocolate to a series of precisely defined temperatures in order to get perfectly crisp chocolate with a glossy finish. It is a must when making pralines or coating cakes.

Poorly tempered chocolate is grainy, pale and not very appetizing.

How to

Heat two thirds of the chocolate in a bain-marie to 45°C (T1) – use a digital thermometer.
Finely grate the rest of the chocolate, then add the grated chocolate to the heated chocolate while stirring continuously.
Cool the chocolate to 27-29°C (T2) – stir it every 3-5 minutes.
Then reheat the chocolate to 29,5-31°C (T3). Now the chocolate is perfectly tempered and ready to coat your cakes and pralines.

Tempering temperatures

  • Oialla 46%: 45°C (T1) – 27°C (T2) – 29,5°C (T3)
  • Oialla 72% and 78%: 45°C (T1) – 29°C (T2) – 31°C (T3)

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