We love food and chocolate and that’s why we want to share our expanding knowledge and experience working with chocolate. Below you’ll find several recipes all listed as categories. Browse through them all or choose a category.

Banana Cake with Milk Chocolate Cremeux and Nibs


Ingredients Banana cake 660g brown bananas 574g sugar 150g oil 340g eggs 340g crème fraîche 38% 25g vanilla sugar (homemade, in a ratio of 1:9 vanilla to sugar) 600g plain flour 18g baking powder 18g baking soda 12g salt 150g Oialla cocoa nibs Milk chocolate cremeux 200g full fat milk 200g cream 38% 20g [...]

Beetroot Cake with Cocoa Nibs and Dark Glaze


Ingredients Beetroot cake 625g sugar 2 vanilla beans 338g eggs 325g oil 585g plain flour 15g baking powder 65g cocoa powder 780g beetroot purée 160g Oialla chocolate 78% 13g salt 195g crème fraîche 38% 130g Oialla cocoa nibs Dark glaze 280g cream 38% 50g sugar 75g glucose syrup 240g Oialla chocolate 72% Beetroot [...]

Brownie with Dark Oialla Fudge and Brazil Nuts


Ingredients Brownie 400g butter 485g muscovado sugar 325g eggs 225g Oialla chocolate 72% 180g plain flour 4g salt 15g vanilla sugar (homemade, in a ratio of 1:9 vanilla to sugar) Dark Oialla fudge with Brazil nuts 340g sugar 160g honey 80g glucose syrup (can be found in well-stocked supermarkets and online) 520g cream 38% [...]


INGREDIENTS 350 grams of brown sugar 350 grams of granulated sugar 8 whole eggs 420 grams of dark chocolate (78%) 475 grams of unsalted butter 230 grams of flour Pinch of salt 1½ tsp baking powder 190 grams of walnuts 160 grams of milk chocolate (46%) 200 grams of dark chocolate for topping (72%) [...]

Chocolate Cake with Apples and Almonds


Ingredients Oialla chocolate cake 500g butter 330g demerara sugar (can be found in health food stores) 10g salt 280g Oialla chocolate 72% 200g eggs 250g ground almonds 400g plain flour 4g baking powder 50g cocoa powder 50g dark rum Frangipane 200g pure raw marzipan 200g sugar 200g eggs 200g butter 200g plain flour Other [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

INGREDIENTS 400 grams of dark chocolate (78%) 40 grams of flour 6 grams of baking powder 3 grams of salt 3 large eggs (room temperature) 45 grams of unsalted butter (room temperature) 250 grams of sugar 230 grams of dark chocolate (finely chopped) 70 grams of chopped walnuts CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES Preheat [...]

Chocolate Ice Cream

INGREDIENTS 1 litre cream 125 grams of sugar 1 vanilla pod 6 egg yolks (pasteurized) 100 grams of dark chocolate (78%) CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM Bring the cream, sugar and vanilla pod & seeds to a boil. Take the mixture off the heat and cool to 90° C. Stir in the egg yolks [...]

Chocolate Orange Ice Cream

INGREDIENTS 450 ml milk 240 ml cream 1 vanilla pod 10 grams of cocoa powder 3 organic oranges – both the peel and the juice 85 grams of sugar 6 pasteurized egg yolks 85 grams of sugar 140 grams of melted milk chocolate (46%) 30 grams of melted dark chocolate (78%) 100 grams of [...]

Chocolate Roulade

INGREDIENTS BASE 180 grams of egg yolks 75 grams of sugar 270 grams of egg whites 130 grams of sugar 115 grams of flour 35 grams of cocoa powder MOUSSE FILLING 460 grams of dark chocolate (78%) 125 ml cream 125 grams of sugar 240 grams of egg yolks 825 ml cream 300 grams [...]


INGREDIENSER 1 liter fløde 125 gram sukker 1 vaniljestang 6 æggeblommer (pasteuriserede) 100 gram mørk Oialla 78% chokolade CHOKOLADEIS Hak chokoladen og smelt den over svag varme. Åbn vaniljestangen og skrab kornene ud. Hæld fløde, sukker og vanilje inklusive vaniljestang i en gryde og varm det op til kogepunktet. Tak blandingen fra varmen [...]

Cold Mango-Chili Drink

INGREDIENTS 270 grams of grated milk chocolate (46%) 800 grams of milk 200 ml of cream (35%) 1 gram of dry chili seeds 220 grams of mango purée ( 3-4 mangoes) COLD MANGO-CHILI DRINK Chop 200 grams of milk chocolate. Heat the milk, cream and chili to approximately 90° C and pour [...]

Ganache with Raspberries

INGREDIENTS 500 grams of raspberries = 370 grams of purée 100 grams of honey 650 grams of milk chocolate (46%) 140 grams of dark chocolate (78%) 130 grams of butter (soft and unsalted) 25 ml Eau de Vie de Framboise (raspberry) 200 grams of tempered chocolate (72%), (for top) 400 grams of tempered chocolate [...]

Ganache with Thyme

INGREDIENTS 200 ml cream 10 grams of dried thyme 240 grams of sugar 75 ml of water 90 grams of glucose 300 grams of milk chocolate (46%), chopped 270 grams of dark chocolate (78%), chopped 100 grams of unsalted butter 200 grams of tempered, dark chocolate (72%) for topping 400 grams of tempered dark [...]

Gateau Marcel


INGREDIENTS 240 grams of dark chocolate (78%) 260 grams of unsalted butter 270 grams of sugar 50 grams of egg yolks 420 grams of egg whites 400 grams of dark chocolate (72%), tempered GATEAU MARCEL Chop the chocolate into pieces and melt with the butter in a bain marie. In a mixing [...]

Granola with Cacao Nibs

Ingredients 350g rolled oats 70g shredded coconut 70g pumpkin or sunflower seeds 100g hazelnuts 50g butter 150g honey 1/2 tsp. sea salt 80g cacao nibs Granola with cacao nibs Coarsely chop the hazelnuts. In a bowl mix oats, shredded coconut, seeds and hazelnuts well together. Melt butter and honey on a big pan [...]

Hot Coconut Chocolate with Rum

Ingredients 5 dl milk 5 dl coconut milk 1 dl cream 400 g Oialla 46% milk chocolate 100 g coconut flakes 1/2 dl Malibu rum (optional) Extra coconut flakes for topping Hot coconut chocolate with rum This versatile drink is a wonderful alternative to a dessert after dinner! It is easy and quick [...]

Milk Chocolate Pyramids with Mango

INGREDIENTS MANGOCREME 25 g ripe mango purée 10 g ripe passion fruit purée 40 g egg yolks 30 g sugar CREME ANGLAISE 125 ml cream 25 g sugar 50 g egg yolks MILK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 380 grams of milk chocolate 150 grams of dark chocolate (78%) 250 grams of Creme Anglaise 450 ml cream [...]

Oialla’s Christmas Bugnes


Ingredients 50 grams of Oialla cocoa nibs 2 eggs 180 grams of Demerara sugar (alternatively use brown sugar) 100 grams of butter 100 ml of double cream 1 teaspoon of cardemom 25 grams of orange paste (see recipe below) 450 grams of wheatflour 500 grams of coconut butter for frying Oialla's christmas bugnes [...]

Shortbread with Nibs, Uyuni Caramel Mou and Oialla Chocolate


Ingredients Amaranth shortbread 550g butter 750g amaranth flour 250g demerara sugar 100g Oialla cocoa nibs Uyuni caramel mou 600g cream 38% 100g vanilla sugar (homemade, in a ratio of 1:9 vanilla to sugar) 1270g demerara sugar 140g glucose syrup 560g butter 25g Uyuni salt Oialla glaze 280g cream 38% 50g sugar 75g glucose syrup [...]

Spicy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

INGREDIENTS 170 grams of dark chocolate (70%) / 150 g (78%) 10 small marshmallows 600 ml milk 100 ml cream (35%) Pinch of grated nutmeg Pinch of dry chili 1 vanilla pod 1 piece of cinnamon 2 x star anise 30 grams of granulated sugar Whipped cream (for topping) SPICY HOT CHOCOLATE WITH [...]

Spruce Cookies


INGREDIENTS 20 grams of Douglas fir needles 180 grams of cane sugar 50 ml of full fat milk 170 grams of butter 370 grams of emmer wheat flour or spelt 2 grams of salt 5 grams of baking powder 20 grams of vanilla sugar 1 egg 200 grams of Oialla 72% SPRUCE COOKIES [...]